Turkey sailorīs travel report visit Cesme by Yacht

If you are sailing or on a yacht-holiday with a motoryacht or a traditional Gulet,  you will come to Cesme, which is only 78 km from Izmir airport and a good starting-point for sailing-trips "off" the beaten path. Start could be at the Setur Marina  , or the town marina close to the castle of Cesme.

Turkey Cesme the castel and the pontoon of a german chartercompany with charteryachts

Arriving from heading towards the port of Cesme, a seaman should be aware of some rocky cliffs and check his seacharts carefully - every year a boat hit the rocks, and that could be very dangerous, indeed!

The Marina/port itself consists of a number of swimming pontoons, where the water and electric unfortunately is not connected yet. Entering the Marina, these pontoons are on the righthand side. The quai on the left belongs to a german chartercompany and is private. However, they allow to stop and fill the water tanks on request. Cesme is Port of Entry. The Harbour Master and Passport/customs are in walking distance about 600m apart.


The name of the town Cesme means "waterspring", and so the town itself is very green all year long. Many local tourists from Izmir and other big turkish towns come her, have holiday homes and their boats, so one can find an interesting mixture between modern turkish society and ancient historical witnesses as well as typical turkish shops, bazars and life. In summertime, many famous turkish as well as international cultural events take place, often in the beautifull castle of Cesme, one shoul visit and enjoy the view over the bay of Cesme, the village itself and over to the island of Chios. Cesme Turkey



The village of Cesme has a nice pedestrian area with typical shops and Tavernas, Lokantas, Bars and Markets.There is nearly all turkish tourism here, however - from June to September many cars with german, dutch and other carplates are seen with turkish families, who live and work abroad, are here for vacation, many of them have holiday homes in Cesme and around.

The steady and often strong winds of the northeastern Aegaean sea vary from 3-7 Bft with a tendency to 5-6 Bft and make a sailing trip a great event, and as well windsurfing and Kite-Surfing are very "en vogue"!


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From Cesme, you can sail to Kusadasi (40 nm ESE), but it is recommended to have a stop in one of the bays on this way, like Sigacik.
Another tour might lead you to the greek island Chios (8 nm), which is Port of Entry to Greece. 

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