Turkey sailorīs travel report visit Datca peninsula by Yacht

The Datca peninsula is about 15 nm south of the Bodrum peninsula. On itīs north-side, there are several bays, which belong to GOEKOVA GULF. The bays at the northern part of the peninsula are mostly open to northern and northeastern winds, so there is only 1 shelter in form of nearly abandoned harbours.

Körmen Limani has 2 basins, one, the inner one (coming from sea on the bb-side), is used by the fisherman only, the other (outer) one is used by the daily ferryboat from and to Bodrum (2 hrs). One should leave space for the ferry. A small Taverna offers fish and other turkish food - good but simple. Ask the price before you order (as always in Turkey except in high class restaurants with menue cards!). The place is not very nice, very windy, and high waves bring all the garbage to the long beach.

The bay of MERSINCIK, a few nm further W is open and only sheltered a little by a small island and so a lot of swell makes in incomfortable to stay there, only if the wind comes from S it is a good place to stay.

On the very west corner of Datca peninsula is KNIDOS, a famous ancient town with formerly more than 35.000 inhabitants. The northern harbour-basin is leftover from ancient times and it is not possible to enter it (too shallow). After passing the cape (coming from N) with itīs lighthouse on top, there is a second harbour, where all boats stay today. mooring in the middle of an ancient harbour and town, which is very impressing. You should take your time and have a 2 hrs walk through the ruins, that are excavated slowly step by step. A small restaurant offers turkish food in summer, however: the owners must pay a very high rent and only have the summer to earn money, so the prices are very high there.
You should always leave someone on the boat, who is able to move it, because the ground is soft sand, and the anchors donīt hold very well!

Turkey Knidos

If you stay over night, be carefull: during the day, the wind comes from WNW and blows over the lower part of the beach. (direction KOS, that can be seen in the distance). In the night, the wind turns to NNE, and so very strong falling winds come from direction of the theater! It is recommended to use very long chain (as long as itīs possible), add a second anchor and make sure, you donīt cross other boatīs anchor or that they donīt cross yours! There are very often anchorage-problems in the night, and the situations can be at least very uncomfortable, but dangerous as well, if someone picks your anchor and 2 or more boats hang together and are drive towards the rocks! Since 2006, there is a long wooden pontoon, where on both sides 2 boats can go alongside, often there are 3 or 4 in a package. An additional pontoon was mounted that gives space for another 4-5 boats stern to jetty, dropping their anchor in the middle. Use long chain and make sure, the anchor is digged deep into the sandy ground.

If you donīt want to stay under such circumstances, especially, when the bay is very full in summertime, better sail 10 nm further E to the small harbour of PALAMUT. This places gives a good shelter for about 20 boats. Inside it is deep enough, but the entrance can have variable depths - one must be carefull in the entrance, boats with more than 2m draught should not go there.

Palamut itself is a small village, before it was a farmerīs and fishermanīs place, today the people live as well (and mostly) from turkisch summertourists, who have theire summerhouses here. Some Tavernas and a small market. A long beach invites to relax and enjoy the nice nature around.

Another 5 nm W there is the big bay of MESUDIYE, followed by the small bay of OVA BUEKUE.


It is a nice place to stay for some days.
A small pontoon has water and electricity (must be paid, 12m about 12 Euro/day), and 3 restaurants invite to stay there.
Note: in the middle of the bay is a rock with very shallow waters with less than 1 m only! If you have a look at the right beach first, and then want to go the the left side with the pontoon, be carefull, and circle aroud it!

The entrance from E shall be used with distance to the land as well!





The first one on this location, in "pole position" is OGUENīS PLACE. Here the sailors can take showers, wash their clothes, access to the internet and more.Datca peninsula Turkey Oguensplace











The whole family of Oguen and his sister SEMRA run the restaurant.Ova

Thanks to the cooking experience of Semra, who was working in famous ski resorts and on cruising ships as a cook already, the turkish basic food has some influences of other cookings, some call that "fusion food", when turkish chicken pancakes are mixed with banana or other great dishes, that SEMRA offers fresh and homemade daily!

OGUEN himself serves and sometimes he loves to initiate games and that brings people from all nations and boats together easily!

Sometimes sailors come back to that silent place, and stay in one of the simple, but clean rooms, enjoy the lovely bay and swim in the sea, have a walk (2 km) to Mesudiye, where even in summer everybody has a real big space on the beach to stay! Important: bring some books - and be ready for... daydreaming!


There are 2 other restaurants in Ova Buekue bay, and we heard only good feedbacks from these places, however, have never been there, as we are friends to OGUEN, SEMRA and their familiy meanwhile.

Another 10 nm E we circle the cape of Ince Burun with a small light(house) on it.

Behind that small peninsula one can stay as well, it is sheltered agains all W and N-winds. Unfortunately, there are some wasp-nests, and that caused quickest escape sometimes, because one canīt stay there ...
The wasps disappear with sunset, but in the morning, it is impossible even to sit there. We heard from Datca, that they want to do something against that, but even after years, the situation didnīt become better - unfortunately, itīs a nice place.

Next comes DATCA.
Datca was a small village some years ago - meanwhile, the turkish middleclass discovered the place and now the maintown area of the peninsula is covered with holiday-homes.

The mostly turkish tourists make Datca a vibrating town in summer: full with cars, visitors, noisy music until late in the night. The townhall said, they want to replace the Disco-Bars on the harbour-front with less noisy bars, and indeed the music was stopped from 12 at night in the last years (in 2005), but still itīs not a calm place, except in April, May and from October on.
The village itself kept itīs charm, even, when the biggest supermarkets of Turkey (Tansas, 3-4 km) have dependances meanwhile.

One stays on the harbour-side, end enjoy harbour-life.
We want to recommend to visit our friend ALIM "Captain everyday holiday" and his family, his wife Seyar and son Umut!

Datca Turkey Captain Restaurant Alim Seyyar Umut Captainīs Place Datca

They run the restaurant Captainīs Place and offer a fantastic choice of turkish meze and BOEREK (puff pastry with several kinds of cheese and meat in it - usually one only gets the "sigara boerek", here one can find at least 10 sorts of Boerek!)Datca Everyday holiday Turkey Sailing yachtcharter Turkey
Alim and Umut are fishermen and in the wintertime as well as in summer, they are out on the sea and bring in the freshest fish one can get!
Reservation is recommended even in lower seasonal times, because the place is famous and many sailors come here since years!


Everyday Holiday!






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From Datca you can sail to the greek island of SYMI (8 nm) stay at the turkish coastline and sail into the HISAROENUE-gulf and visit SELIMIYE and ORHANIYE (15-20 nm), or visit BOZBURUN (16 nm) or you sail to MARMARIS (35 nm)



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