Sailing Itinenaries from Marmaris to Ekincik and Baba Adasi

Ekincik bay and it´s meanwhile famous My Marina restaurant is often the first stop after a day sailing from Marmaris. Like a natural harbour it is safe from southern winds

This bay is a natural harbour and safe against southerly and westerly winds.
To say the bad news first: unfortunately, sometimes the coastal thunderstorms unload here, which can be very uncomfortable, because they usually blow gusts from north/northwest down the hills and in case of very strong northern winds, it is absolutely necessary to keep an eye on the anchor. Especially, when you are in the north-western part of the bay, because slipping anchors often occur in the sandy ground!
But as well mooring in the south-eastern part of the bay, which is usually absolutely safe, can be a problem, when nightly falling winds make anchors slip (maybe the one of your neighbour...) and quick action necessary! If it´s windy, an anchor guard watching should be on duty during the night!

If the weather is calm (as mostly in summer), it is a very beautiful place.
Surrounded by green forests, some farms on the other side of the bay, a small jetty in the north-western part with water and enough depth to stop there. Usually, you drop your anchor in the south-eastern part, just in front of the Restaurant

"My Marina", which offers a fantastic view over the bay and a excellent fish-dinner (while you watch your boat with slipping anchors driving away without you *joking*).

When arriving at the bay, and preparing for anchorage, immediately a helper with an inflatable speedboat will give you assistance, and you should tell him the reservation desires!
In 2006 the complete My Marina area was renovated, and since season 2007 there are moorings, a bigger jetty, and if one stays there, it is an obligation to dine at the restaurant. Otherwise, the owners charge a mooring fee depending to boatsize (between 10 and 35 Euros in 2007).

Dropping the anchor somewhere else in the bay is fee, of course, obligation is only, if one uses My Marina´s services (which is, however, not more than a fair exchange ;-)

The dinner there is expensive, but worth the money. Big crews get the best tables by earlier reservation. The restaurant, service, atmosphere with all those (nearly 99%) sailors from other boats from all nations, it´s food (fish mostly on very good level) and the excellent view over the bay are really a nice experience every time of the year (Restaurant is open from May to November)

There are a few small beach Tavernas in the north-western part of the bay, which serve traditional basic turkish food. Nice, but nothing special. Water can be taken from the jetty there (sometimes charged, sometimes free).

In the evening, the boats of "Ekincik Dalyan Coop" pass by, and ask for daytrips with their small Kaikies to the river Delta of Kaunos. This is about 1 hour boatride away, and they take you into the river´s delta, pass you along the Lycian graves up in the mountains, and let you visit the ancient town of Kaunos. Later, you might be interested to take a mud-bath (very healthy, they say), and see little turtles, the most famous animal of Dalyan.
Dalyan beach is one of the breeding spots of the famous "carretta caretta" turtle, and the environmental congregation of Turkey some years ago won against big tourist organisations, who wanted to commercialize this natural spot: now, the beach is a preserved natural reservation.

One can´t sunbath everywhere, any building of houses is prohibited, even the paths to and from the water are watched and people are guarded not to disturb the turtle´s eggs in the sand. The use of sun-umbrellas which are sticked into the ground is prohibited! Even landing with an inflatable dinghi on the beach is not allowed!

Pricing for the trips to Dalyan-delta is "per boat", and they do not allow to pool people together from different boats.... the costs vary between 100 and 150 Euros, more or less negotiable. If you are enough participants, it´s worth the trip! We recommend, to go to Dalyan in the VERY early morning and take the "short trip" only. The long trip includes a stopover in Dalyan Koey (village), which is nice, and every boat-skipper has his family trhere, and each family has - of course - a restaurant.

Anyway: if you love fresh fish, you have a very good opportuinity to choose from sweetwaterfish (coming from Dalyan lake) or the sea - but ask prices first and negotiate hard, WRITE down the prices agreed in the currency you want to pay, and make sure, you get the fish chosen.
If a "price per kilogramm" (normally between 30 and 80 NEW TURKISH LIRA per kg, depending of the sort of fish) is said, check the weight of the fish(es) yourself.

Make sure (everywhere in Turkey), you negotiate about TURKISH LIRA and not EUROS... and make sure which currency you have in your purse and want to use!
EURO and NEW TURKISH LIRA (YTL) look very similiar, and often mistakes are caused by the consumer himself, who carries EUROS and YTL in the same purse!
Separate the money and avoid such mistakes or ripoffs!

Some people ask YTL (first), but later collect your Euros (= double price...)!
In extreme cases, don´t be afraid to call the police - the number is 158 from every mobile! Many turkish policemen speak foreign langauges, and they can negotiate.

If you don´t stay too long in Kaunos for lunchtime, you will be back early enough, to sail further to

Disibilmez Burun (some name it Asi Koyu)  

this bay is deep cut in the mountains, and there is a simple Taverna. Clear prices before you order!
It´s nice within these rocky bay, beautifull trees, fresh water, and early dark, because of the high hills around!

If you don´t like it there, you can sail further to the small island "Baba Adasi", which is on the Dalaman. bay.
Books describe an anchorage, but that is full mostly with local boats. But it is normally no problem, to drop the anchor about 20-30m from the island´s shore on 6-8m. Use your whole chain and check, if the anchor is fix. Then you have a nice night, if it is not a stormy night, because wind passes through the passage. On the other side of the passage are 2 hotels, some play their disco-music very long, but it is not too loud and noisy. It´s nice to climb up the rocky Baba Adasi (Daddy´s island) and have a view over the sea. You can as well watch the tourists coming and going: by plane at Dalaman airport, which lies about 3 km east.

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