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Goecek was a little fishermen´s village some years ago, but because it is very close to the international airport of Dalaman, iit became very famous in the last years. Now a new tunnel connects the bay of Fethiye with it´s first village Goecek with the area of Dalaman and shortens transfertimes to 25 minutes.

There are 4 Marinas in Goecek, and each is special:

Camper & Nicholson Marina (=Port Goecek)

this Marina, built in 2001, has swimming pontoons and a perfect infrastructure for all desires, a yachtsman can have.
It´s like a village in the village, however, with a 5 minute walk along the coastline shaded with pinetrees, one reaches the village of Goecek.

Göcek Iskele

This was the first possibility to moore a boat in Goecek - that was the original old turkish jetty with fisherboats and later more and more pleasureboats, Charteryachts and Gulets. Water, fuel, electricity available. And it´s only 60 seconds from the central place of Goecek!

Skopea Marina Göcek - a private concrete-jetty with marina services

all one needs to stay for a day or more. Water, electricity, services, mooringlines. In the Marina services area with toilets and showers and offices, there is a very good reastaurant called CAN, which serves excellent turkish food at reasonable prices!


Goecek Tuerkei Turkey Goecek Fethiye Bay Can restaurant Göcek Skopea Marina


Port Göcek Club Marina
Club marina Goecek is a private marina in the very western part of the bay, it is absolutely safe, but usually packed with private boats. There are private jetties for mostly rich turkish motoryacht owners, and several ones for sailing boats. Another fuel-station is located there, and if someone decides to take his fuel from here, be carefull: it is very shallow around! However: it´s maybe the better choice to take fuel here, because the Iskele Jetty is often packed.
This marina is connected to Goecek-village with a shuttle-ferry, or one takes a walk of about 30 minutes through the pine-forest (very nice)

Eating out
as already said, best local turkish food is served at CAN´s restaurant (see picture above). There are other nice and good restaurants and simple "Lokantas" with very good turkish food as well as a little sophisticated Haute Cuisine restaurants, and one will surely discover very good places around! Some years ago, the waterfront was made a pedestrian´s area, too and planted and gardened very beautiful! One can find some very nicely made bars - Mr.Jazz for example offers white chairs under green trees and red flowers with jazzy music...
Note, that the prices in Goecek are relatively high - one can get nearly everything he wants, but it´s expensive,

Several supermarkets offer fresh fruits and other goods, one can enjoy turkish bazaar atmosphere and try "bargain dealing".

Goecek pedestrian´s area with nice shops for Yachtsailors and a good food on every corner of Goecek´s streets
Goecek is very nice:
no cars in the heart of the village, pedestrian´s area, very nice shops (not only cheap bazaar stuff), nice shops with arts, carpets and other things...





Shopping groceries
Supermarket Tansas Goecek close to Skopea Marina for shopping Yachtcharterer´s supermarket

A new big TANSAS supermarket opened in 2005 close to Skopea Marina and this offers nearly all brands from western europe. Near Iskele Jetty, at the main square there is a MIGROS, smaller, but as well with a very good choice of all one needs. Note, that food quality in Turkey is very good, and it is not necessary to buy the most expensive import-cheese... try turkish local products like honey, yoghurt, milk, fruits... sausages are maybe a little special, but give it a try!
Migros and TANSAS , the other big chain accept credit cards (VISA) for payments.
The MIGROS offers a boat deliverance service - note, that the boys are paid very bad, and are happy with a not too small tip!




Göcek Bay (Skopea):
A local tourism organization startet the campaign "Temmiz Deniz" (clean seas) and so a boat shuttles along the coast and bays and tries to collect most garbage they can find. However: because of the many motoryachts ands weekend-tourists from Istanbul and Ankara, in high season the bays are full with boats. Goecek is beautiful, but better go there in spring or late autumn (after 15.9.)

Goecek Turkey Fethiye bay Skopea Marina Goecek Yachtsailing boatcharter

Tersane bay
This was a wharf in previous times, now it is a sheltered anchorage and a spot for the dayboats from Goecek an Fethiye. That causes a lot of noise in the daytime, however, in the evenings, only the anchored boats are there, and it calms down. One turkish taverna - good, basic food, make sure, prices are agreed BEFORE you start eating (as it should be done anyway everywhere in Turkey where they often do not have a menue card with prices, especially in the bays) Fish is VERY expensive as always! Ask before the price for the specific fish and make sure, they prepare the one, you´ve chosen....

Kapi bay
the owner offers shavings open air and good food, but it is extremely expensive...

There are a lot other bays to stay, many are pure nature without Tavernas.

If you drop your anchor outside of Skopea bay in one of the bays of northwestern Fethiye bay, which are open to the southeast, make sure, your anchor is fix enough and note, that occasionally VERY strong thunderstorms can come over you from southeastern directions. If suddenly a wind from southeast comes up, don´t wait, lift your anchor and try to hide in the inner area of Skopea bay. Don´t go to Goecek then, because Goecek is open to SE as well and all boats are in trouble there then!(except the ones in Clubmarina, but that is packed then already!)


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