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If you are sailing or on a yacht-holiday with a motoryacht or a traditional Gulet, Kusadasi (adasi = island of  kus=birds), will surely be worth a stopover.

Kusadasi marina and sailing center yachtsThere is a nice, small and safe Setur Marina but no charterbase is located here - the next ones can be found in Cesme or down in Bodrum in the ports of Yalikavak, Turgut Reis or Bodrum-City or the greek island of Samos. Some companies from the south or the one from Cesme offer oneway-trips from Cesme to the southeast or from Bodrum up or they bring boats to Kusadasi, but that is always a high extra expense to be considered for the calculation of your yachtcharter holiday. However: it might be woth the money, because sailing from Kusadasi via the greek islands and back to the Guelluek-Golf to Bodrum is a very nice sailing-experience with always winds from back or half, and never needs tacking at all! The area is very recommendable for families and sailing beginners, because winds between 4-6 Bft are very nice to handle for holiday-sailors and their often not very in sailing experienced family members.

The town Kusadasi itself is a charming mixture between oriental atmosphere and modern tourism.

One can enjoy many bars, restaurants and hundreds of shops in the pretty commercial bazaar, which is more a modern torusim shopping center, than it was years ago as a typical bazaar, today mostly all the big Cruisers stop here to send their guests from Kusadasi to famous Ephesus, which is not far a way. This made the city grow very much in the last years, and the close distance to the town of Izmir makes it a weekend-spot for wealthy turkish as well. The new highway shortens the time to come over to 30-45 minutes. The international airport of Izmir is connected to all big european cities.


Several Taxis offer round-trips to Ephesus, but note: better try to rent a car, which can often be obtained cheaper for 1 day (the road to Ephesus is very good and it´s easy to find!), or get a taxi from a taxistand close to the Marina or better ask the Marina staff for assistance.
Some Taxidrivers (especially the ones close to the Cruising-ships!) try to collect a fortune, others are fair in pricing.
Try to go to Ephesus early in the morning, especially in summertime and take the advantage, that it is not so hot and full with people yet!
Tourist trap: if you go by bus or with a car, and arrive at the entrance and parking, several guys will offer "free transportation" to the other side or back... the point is: when you visit Ephesus, you can walk through the ancient site and then you have to make all the way back, which might be too much for some people (especially in summer heat), so they want only to make ONE way through and then leave the area on the other side. But how will you come back to the carparking?
Some guys offer a free
ride to the other side or back from the other side for that as a "free service" - but they will stop at a sales-store for leather, glass or carpets and try to sell you something. You are not obliged to buy anything, but the pressure is not very nice to some people, so only take that offer, if you want to buy something or if you are able to say "no", if you mean "no" without any problem... turkish are salesmen, never forget that! You can have a  preview about Ephesus here  

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From Kusadasi, you can sail to Cesme (35 nm WNW), or to the bay of Gümüslük (45 nm SSE) at the turkish coast or to the greek island Samos-Vathy or to the Port ans Marina of Samos-Pythagoreion (12 nm), which isas well Port of Entry to Greece. 

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