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Starting a trip in Marmaris following the route southeast to Antalya

Marmaris,old village and castle from Netsel Yachtmarina seen

Marmaris, dining out:

* elegant

Sea Club Restaurant in Netsel-Marina. Decoration looks nice, try dinner out to eat in Marina atmosphere

Another place to recommend for the nice view is Antique Bar, which is a restaurant as well, and located exactly besides Sea Club in first floor - the terrace offers a beautiful view over the Marina, and it is recommended to make a reservation for first-row-best-view-tables in the evening!

Turkish classics and very good quality dining

Caria is about 150 m after the bridge (coming from Netsel Marina) on the right. Typical turkish "meze" (appetizers" and a variety of very good main courses at reasonable prices.

By that reason, it is the summerly meeting point of all charter-company´s staff and long term sailors and the non turkish people, who live in and around Marmaris, many on their own boats.

On Fridays and Saturdays, the days, when chartercrews usually change, this place is packed, so ask early for a reservation!

If you pass by, ask for Mr. Ali Samsun, the owner.



Dutch food in Marmaris

DEN TOL - back on it´s former suiccess-place at the harbourside, about 200m from the Netsel-Marina bridge, about 50 m further from the above mentioned Caria Restaurant.
If you like hollands-food , you will enjoy it, if you don´t know dutch kitchen: go there and try it, it is very good, the SATE is really special (if you are not dutch, but I think, even then, you like it!)

Note: the Sate is part of "Asian menu" - coming with a chicken-soup, a big sate-plate with baked banana and fruits-salad, 7 bowls of vegetables, potzatoies and chips, and finally a big pancake filled with icecream - for a normal eater, this is definitely too big for one person alone, and we recommend to share with two!

Pizza & Steaks 

Follow the harbour for about 400 m (coming from Netsel Marina). First a little left-curve, then cross the little place and make a slight right turn... after 50 m, you see on the right Vita Bella (formerly known as "O´Yes")
They have very friendly and professional acting staff, good Pizza and Steak creations and they are always full - because of the good kitchen, the fair pricing and... they know all the travel agents working there. But don´t worry - it is a real good dinner available there!
Ask for Mr. Rim or Ahmet Senol - together with a printout of this page you´ll be granted a surprise...

Turkish basic kitchen

There are several VERY simple turkish "Lankantas" inside the narrow streets besides the Bazarr, and when you are hungry during the daytime, it is absolutely recommended to go there... food is shown open, decoration is very simple, bread in plastic boxes on the table. But it is very, very good and... extremely cheap! Most of the places are correct and charge only what they charge to ereybody! Even with "tourist surcharge" you will not pay more than 5-6 Euros for a complete lunch with water or beer per person!

Beer and "Gossip"

is available in SCORPIO´S Bar, which is right after the bridge, 50m on the right. Many sailors, residents and other barpeople...don´t believe all those stories, they tell... with each beer more, the waves become higher and higher, as always in such sailor´s places, but it´s fun to listen for a while!

Marmaris,promenade quai,Yachts,resaturants
Scorpio and Neighbours are amongst the first buildings on the right

Neighbours Restaurant Marmaris

formerly a simple turkish Taverna, then a place, where the austrian community of Marmaris did meet... now: a basic and simple, but good quality-restaurant with a very mixed scenery of turkish residents, austrian livaboards and other sailors (who have a brak from Scorpios) and really reasonable prices. Neighbours is easy to find: coming form the Marina bridge it´s about the 4th or 5th restaurant - always full without hassle... very good food at reasonable prices, friendly staff! Try baked liver and fried potatoes austrian style... delicious!

Marmaris, Bars & Diskos in BAR STREET:

Bar Street is the second street behind the main port promenade. One Bar followed by a Discotheque, Fast Food places and Kiosks for cigarettes and other things needed. Extremely noisy and loud, even, if there is nobody inside - turkish owners and staff think: the more noise, the more people...everybody wonders, why they don´t learn, because (except of high season), the places are empty all the time...(you can´t even speak or understand a word).

After dinner, you might want to go for a walk, look around a little bit... that might be a bit difficult in Turkey in lower season, but here are some suggestions

  • Bar: Kejif in the first floor of the "tower" besides the entrance of the Marina has a very good russian singer since years, and is full sometimes, always very good atmosphere.
  • for Disco-Pop-music, we recommend to go to the bars and Discos at the beacht in direction to Icmeler. Or you go to Bar Street. On weekends and in high season after midnight, it is packed with young turkish people. The (turkish) girls are beautiful and arrogant, the guys jealous. So just have a look, but don´t "touch"!
  • there are some Turkpop-Discos, and you´ll enjoy big fun in summertime, when the turkish youngsters are in there dancing and singing all the lyrics of their actual favourite turkish pop-singers! That is REAL fun,m and much, much better, than the anonymous "bom-bom-bom" of that stupid Tecno-music next door....
  • typical turkish Folk-music is called "Canli Halk Musik" (Live folk music), and there are some bars with 2-4-member-bands playing these mostly sad and oriental sounding lyrics, while you smoke a waterpipe (no drugs, it´s legal) and have a drink or tea. Ask for the currently best one, they change from time to time.

Enough nightlife, back to bed and next day, after shopping the last forgotten items for your crew and checking the boat, you start sailing. After you have left the Marina, you might try some manouevres to train your crew and get feeling for the boat, and with calm winds you sail through Marmaris bay, either through the passage straight south or more right passing the beaches and sourrounding the island.

The first bay after that passage is on the right called

Kumlu Bükü

Here is a good place for late starters or if your training needed too long time. Or at return for the last night before returning to the Marina (straight way is about 1,5 hrs)
Coming into the bay, on the very left, there is a Pontoon and behind it the Restaurant of "Ahmed, the Dutch". He is a turkish guy, who lived in Holland for a while, and he has a beautiful restaurant with caribbean-alike garden. Fortunately, in the evenings, he starts a "anti-mosquito-activity" spraying these little devils away, and so you can enjoy a fantastic garden evening dinner. It is pretty expensive, so either check your golden credit card or ask for the prices and menue card firts , to be safe from surprises!

Be carefull in May and late September: there is no safety against easterly and southeasterly winds! Don´t stay there, if there might be winds from these directions, it is very dangerous (high waves coming in!). In summertime with it´s mostly northerly winds, it is a safe and nice place to stay!

The place on the right side of the bay (seen from sea), AMOS Bay, closed down and shall not be reopened. The 3 restaurants on it´s left are ok, and one (left of the white Hotel-building) is new, offers mooring-buoys and even a jetty with electricity and water. The place belongs to a Hotel and the terrace is full in the season, however: if you make a reservation early enough, you can enjoy the beautiful view over the bay, and the very good kitchen and service = very professional and worth the money indeed!
The jetty offers water and electricity, it is a bitt swelly in the night, but if the wind is not from SE, it´s safe. In alternative, you can either use one of the buoys there (free) or drop your own anchos, the ground is sand with grass and gives a good hold.